After a Criminal Conviciton

How an Attorney Can Help After a Conviction

You've been convicted of a crime -- now what? Whether you pled guilty or a jury of your peers found you guilty, your criminal conviction may leave you feeling at a loss. Fortunately, the right attorney can help lessen the blow. After a criminal conviction, a criminal defense attorney can file a motion for a new trial or to withdraw a guilty plea. Depending on the circumstances, an attorney may be able to appeal your conviction. If you are worried about the effects of a criminal conviction on your record on your future job opportunities, an attorney may be able to clear your record. Finally, in some circumstances, a lawyer may be able to get the court to modify the terms of your sentence or request probation instead of jail time.


Get a Free Case Review from a Criminal Defense Attorney

At this point, even if you plead guilty rather than going through a traditional criminal trial, you may have been working with the criminal justice system for months, or even years. You are tired, and you probably feel defeated after your conviction. But don't give up. The fight isn't over just because you were convicted of a crime. Consider getting a free case review from a skilled criminal defense attorney.

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