Civil Harassment Restraining Orders

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If someone has stalked, threatened, abused, or otherwise acted in a way that intimidated or scared you, you may be wondering whether you can legally force them to stop. Depending on your jurisdiction, you may be able to file a civil harassment restraining order against that person. Civil harassment restraining orders are different than domestic violence retraining orders because they don't involve a family member or someone you maintain a close relationship with. Civil harassment restraining orders can help protect you from abusive neighbors, acquaintances, and other members of the public. To get a restraining order you will need to file the proper documents with your local court. A judge may quickly issue a temporary restraining order and set another court date. At the following court date, the other party will be able to defend his or her actions and make a case. If the Judge decides in favor of the victim, a more permanent restraining order may be issued to further protect the victim. If you need help filing for a restraining order, contact an experienced attorney in your area.

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