Onfi Legal Updates 2014

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In this video, we will review the drug, Onfi, its side effects and warnings, as well as legal actions available to you if you have been injured by taking this drug.
Onfi, also known as clobazam, is a drug that is meant to treat seizures that occur due to a severe form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. The drug is manufactured by Lundbeck and has been approved since October of 2011. 
Unfortunately, Onfi can cause Stevens-Johnson Syndrome or SJS for short and Toxic Epidemal Necrolysis or TEN for short.  SJS and TEN are serious skin reactions that can cause blindness and potentially even death. 
The FDA has even issued a warning regarding these serious skin reactions and the Onfi drug label was updated to indicate a link between Onfi use and SJS and TEN in both children and adults. The symptoms of Onfi skin reactions include rashes, redness, skin irritations, fatigue, fever and even muscle and joint pain.
If you have taken the drug Onfi and have suffered from its side effects, you should first seek medical attention and contact an Onfi lawyer as soon as possible. You may be able to sue the manufacturer and others for your injuries, medical bills and even for pain and suffering.

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