Stryker Hip Replacement Side Effects

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There are several manufacturers who produce hip replacement devices including Stryker. These medical devices such as the Stryker modular neck stands and the Stryker rejuvenate hip implant are metal-on-metal devices. There have been many reported problems among patients who've had their hip replaced with these types of metal-on-metal devices. Reported issues include loosening of the hip system, a fractured or dislocated hip system, soft tissue damage or metal particles released into a patient's bloodstream. Given the increasing number of reported injuries and side effects in the U.S. involving defective hip implants, medical device attorneys across the country are filing lawsuits on behalf of the victims. If you've had your hip replaced and had to undergo additional surgery or if you have experienced injury or harm caused by the Stryker modular neck stands, the Stryker rejuvenate hip implant or similar device consult a Stryker modular neck stands personal injury attorney immediately to discuss your case. Law suits are being filed against the manufactures and victims are being awarded monetary compensation to recover damages such as pain and suffering and medical costs.

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