Temporary Workers - Disputes On The Job

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Temporary workers sometimes have a challenge when resolving a dispute on the job. For instance, it might not be clear which rules the temp is required to follow - those of the business where the temp has been placed or those of the staffing agency. Some areas are easier to resolve than others. For instance, a temporary worker usually must follow the business' dress code and code of conduct. Disputes of that nature are usually handled directly between the temp and the business. On the other hand, disputes over issues like pay, time off, benefits, and workers compensation, are normally addressed directly with the staffing agency. Where it can get complicated, though, is when it's not clear whether the temp has an employment relationship with the business client or with the staffing agency, or both. These situations can arise, for example, when the business client, rather than the staffing agency, controls the hiring, payroll, discipline, and other administrative aspects of the arrangement with the temp worker. When disputes occur, both the staffing agency and the business may owe certain duties to the temp worker.

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