Know Your Rights On Background Checks

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Background checks are often required when applying for a new job or in other special situations. Legally, companies can conduct background investigations about you, but the information is subject to certain limitations. Criminal histories may stay on your record for many years. Even if the offense is expunged, a record of the history is often retained. All public records are usually searched, including arrests and convictions. This information is often used to help a company determine whether or not the person has the character necessary to qualify for a job or for whatever other situations involved. However, you should know that under various state laws only certain criminal history information can be legally asked unemployment application. If a question is illegal, you don't necessarily have to answer what asks and get job candidacy can't be impaired because of it. If you have any questions about how a background check may affect your chances for a job, contact an attorney to determine how to properly fill out the application and respond to the questions.

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