Can I Sue Somone For Hurting Or Killing My Pet

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Yes, in some circumstances, but they must pay you for it. Eminent domain law gives a city, state or the federal government the right to take your house, or other real estate, for a public purpose. It doesn't matter if you don't want to sell…..the government can take your land in order to build a school, a road, a freeway, public housing, parks, or for other approved social and public interetes. The tricky part usually comes in when it comes to the issue of paying you for your property. The law says the government must give you "just compensation." But often what's offered to a property owner doesn't seem very just at all. The good news is that an experienced real estate attorney can help you. Whether your property can be saved, well that will depend on the particular facts of your case. But, an attorney can definitely help you with valuing your property and getting the compensation you deserve. For more information about eminent domain, contact a real estate attorney today.

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