What Types Of Pets Can I Keep

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The typical American family may have one or two dogs, a cat, and perhaps some fish. However, some individuals love animals so much they want to keep as many as they possibly can. However, laws have been enacted that limit the number of animals you are permitted to keep within your home. These laws are specific to not only what state you live in but also your county and potentially even your neighborhood. Your homeowners association or other neighborhood council may enact regulations that restrict not only the number of pets you may keep but also the type. Additionally, if you rent, your lease agreement may explicitly state the types of pets you may or may not keep, and in many cases, pets may be forbidden. If you're renting and have a pet against the terms of your lease agreement and your landlord finds out, you may be evicted for breach of your agreement. For more information, consult your local city and state ordinances regulating the keeping of pets.

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