What Repairs Does A Landlord Have To Make In A Rental Unit

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Whether you just moved into a new apartment or have lived in a rented condo for years, you're entitled to certain rights. These include the right to a habitable living space and also a right to feel reasonably safe relative to the surrounding areas and unit conditions upon move-in. If something happens that makes you feel unsafe, you may have the right to demand your landlord take precautionary actions. For example, if when you moved into your unit there was a security gate and now that security gate doesn't latch or lock properly, you should notify your landlord immediately and demand the problem be fixed. If your unit was burglarized, you should notify your landlord, and depending on your jurisdiction he or she may be required to install new security measures, such as safety lights. However, if you were to move into a unit and suddenly demand the landlord install a new security gate or alarm system, this would be unreasonable and you would not be entitled to these upgrades. As a Pre-Paid Legal Member, when you have questions, just pick up the phone and call your provider attorney. Since Pre-Paid Legal plan benefits vary from plan to plan, consult your plan contract for specific plan benefits.

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