How Long Does It Take To Settle A Lawsuit

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Going through a lawsuit can be stressful and time-consuming. Money settlements are the most common way a lawsuit gets resolved. There are generally two aspects to a lawsuit. First, determine the liability of who's at fault, and second, figuring out the damages. After a lawsuit is filed, the parties engage in what is called the discovery phase. This is where both sides request information about the case which could take the form of documents, statements and other background information. Often depositions or interviews are often taken for each of the parties and witnesses involved. Most settlement discussions don't occur until after the discovery phase is sufficiently complete, because the discovery phase is usually how information is revealed about who's at fault, the extent of medical bills incurred, how much wages were lost, or what other financial hardship was sustained as a result of the situation. Once all of this information comes to light, then the parties usually start having serious settlement discussions. For more information about settling a lawsuit, talk to your attorney about your concerns.

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