How To Meet With Your Medical Malpractice Attorney

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When a hospital or doctor makes a mistake and causes injuries, you may consider speaking with a medical malpractice, or med mal attorney in order to help represent your case. Before speaking with a med mal attorney, you should first organize your facts and documents in order to make your initial consultation as productive as possible. First, summarize the incident and create a timeline if appropriate. If you or a loved one was the one injured, you should request a copy of the medical records from the hospital or medical office. Next, your attorney will want to know whether you've spoken to anyone else about the case. This could be someone like another attorney, the hospital, doctor, and even friends and family. Your attorney will also need to know whether you have already signed anything related to the incident. Finally, your attorney will need to know whether you have already received a second medical opinion regarding your injuries. Remember, anything you tell your attorney is confidential so make sure you disclose all matters even remotely related to your case.

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