How To Fight Your Homeowner's Association

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If you have a dispute with your homeowners association, you are entitled to the procedures set forth in the HOA governing documents. For instance, if you're charged with breaking a rule, you must typically be given written notice of the violation and an opportunity to respond. Refer to your HOA bylaws or CC&Rs to make sure the citation you received is valid and what the process is to dispute it. Common grounds for disputing the HOA include claims that HOA doesn't enforce the rules against the homeowners equally or that the rule itself is unfair. Document everything - including what actions the HOA took in your case and how similar situations have been handled by the HOA in the past. Also, it doesn't hurt if you have support from your neighbors. If enough homeowners get together, they may be able to call a vote to either repeal the rule or even substitute a new board. State law governs HOAs, so if the rule or the HOA's actions aren't consistent with those laws, the homeowners may even have grounds to sue the HOA.

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