How To Recover Lost Wages After An Injury

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If you've have been injured in an accident, your damages are measured by more than just medical bills. In addition to the loss of value of any property damage, your pain and suffering, and medical bills, you may be entitled to lost wages if you missed work as the result of an accident where you were the victim. Typically, it's fairly easy to figure out the amount of your lost wages. You simply multiply the number of hours you missed from work by your hourly wage. However, if you were fired for missing too much work, this number is much harder to determine. Many variables must be considered, including whether you can ever get work again, in what capacity you can work in the future, the reasonableness of your time off, and more. This is when a personal injury attorney can really make a big difference, and help get you the compensation you deserve. As a Pre-Paid Legal Member, when you have questions, just pick up the phone and call your provider attorney. Since Pre-Paid Legal plan benefits vary from plan to plan, consult your plan contract for specific plan benefits.

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